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Nicholas Assef – The Business Lawyer

March 23, 2021

Nicholas Assef also commonly known as Nick Assef is the founder, analyst and executive chairman of the Lincoln Crowne & Company (LCC) - an independent boutique investment bank and strategic corporate advisory firm in Sydney. He is an expert in joint ventures, valuation, growth strategies, shareholder rights, mergers and acquisitions and strategic due diligence. He has worked with his company the Lincoln Crowne & Company across Australia and Southeast Asia markets. His several publications under his name and is involved several speaking engagements. He holds a Post Graduate degree in Valuation from Harvard Business School and a master law degree in Corporate and Takeover Law. He also hold a master of Business Administration degree in Game Theory and Corporate Finance from the University of Rochester.

Nicholas Assef has over twenty years of experience in delivering exceptional counsel to clients both on the domestic and cross-border. He specializes in corporate initiatives, mergers, and acquisitions transactions and contentious corporate situations. He has presided over conflicts typically involving complex disputes between joint ventures, shareholders, and / or directors. Before the formation of LCC, Mr. Assef worked as a solicitor with Allen & Hemsley's Mergers and Acquisitions in Sydney. He also worked as Solicitor of the High Court of Australia & the Supreme Court of New South Wales.

Through his company, he has provided mergers and acquisitions and corporate strategy development services to various corporate firms which include EQUINIX, Nokia Siemens Networks, Yahoo, MSN, BBC, CPM, and Australian Pacific Coal. He has also spearheaded developments such as the merger of the wind and solar. The LCC also offers securities dealership, market entry strategy and competitive landscape analysis services.